“excuse my enthusiasm or rather madness, for I am really drunk with intellectual vision whenever I take a pencil or graver into my hand.”
― William Blake

Travelling, nature, photography, history, writing and mainly  art are the great passions that have shaped my life and my character, always coupled by great enthusiasm and curiosity. I have dedicated many years to the study of Art History,  as I am working as a tour guide in Rome and Turin. I also live Art firsthand in order to express an urge of creativity inspired from history, nature and writings.

My  training focused on searching the most suitable artistic medium, to convey concepts ,thoughts, ideas into colors, lines, pictures, calligraphic marks  through acrylic colors, mordants, tempera, gold and copper, and above all inks, shaked and mixed to research tones and shades suggesting the passing of time, the  oxidation of matter or the compositional richness of silks and oriental damasks, that echo the art of the Old Masters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

I like to allude to the craftsmanship of damascening, at the arras embellished with golden threads, and at the cloths that have dressed popes, princes and the Court, at the stories, symbols and ideas that Arts provided in the past. Contemporary art fascinates me as well and I recall it in my abstract artworks,  focusing on architectural, and alphabetical geometries obtained with the gestual use of spatulas, rollers, sticks and nibs.

My works must be observed, not just looked at, in order to imagine and free the stories contained and framed within them.
They are Paintings narrating.